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Denied Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers' compensation laws are placed to protect employers, employees, and injured victims when an accident happens on-the-job. If you were injured on the job, you may be entitled to compensation and medical benefits that would help you recover from your injuries.

Workers' compensation protects workers by providing coverage for medical expenses and loss of earnings related to the injuries. When workers suffer an injury o the job, they are unable to sue the employer. Instead, the program allows injured victims to apply for workers' compensation benefits for disabilities and injuries. There is a short amount of time after an injury occurs during which the worker can file a workers' compensation claim. The process can be confusing as the laws surrounding workers' compensation are complex.

Hire a Workers' Compensation Attorney to Appeal a Claim Denial

The worst thing that can happen to an injured employee, on top of experiencing an accident at work, is having their workers' compensation claim denied. When your claim is denied, you will receive a letter from the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) explaining the reason. Your claim can be denied for a number of reasons, including:

  • Your injuries were not caused at your workplace
  • Your doctors said your injuries are not considered serious
  • Claims were not reported or filed on time
  • Employer disputes the claim
  • Conditions of work injury are not covered by insurance company

What to do When Your Claim is Denied

Once you receive a letter stating why your claim was denied, you should:

  • Take notes of the reason for denial and any deadlines to appeal the claim
  • Contact your workers' compensation insurance carrier to discuss the letter
  • Seek legal advice from a workers' compensation attorney

If your employer and insurance carrier refuse to handle the claim, speaking to a workers' compensation attorney who knows the ins and outs of workman's comp law is the best step to take. The laws surrounding workers' comp can be extremely confusing and complex if you are not familiar with the process. Don't miss your chance to attain the compensation you deserve when consulting with our attorneys is a completely free and simple process.

Call our Workers' Compensation Attorneys for a Free Consultation

Our workers' compensation lawyers offer free case evaluations for those who have been injured on-the-job and have had their workers' compensation claim denied. If you were injured on the job and your workers' compensation claim was wrongfully denied, our attorneys could help you fight back for your rights.

Contact our attorneys regarding your case, and we can determine whether or not you are entitled for compensation. You may dial the toll-free number for a free consultation or fill out the free case evaluation form to contact a workers' compensation attorney at our office. We look forward to speaking to you about your case, and discussing how we could get you compensation for your injuries. Call us today and find out how we can help you.